Distribution waterfalls define the economic relationship between the equity participants involved in an investment.
Waterfalls are specific distribution rules from a fund to its investors, generally split into two groups: General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs).
Those rules can vary significantly from one investment to another and therefore are often difficult to model.
Thanks to the Taliance platform, common rules can easily be applied. You will always maintain the ability to adapt to a particular case in a tracked and secured environment.


By downloading this model, you can easily set up a distribution waterfall.
Configure the contract details between involved actors.

You have the flexibility to adapt formulas according to your needs. You can feed your model with ARGUS Taliance (asset or financial structure modeling) or directly from third-party information.

Audit all your data and formulas. use a secure environment for your Waterfall calculation.

ARGUS Taliance can materialize European and American methods.

ARGUS Taliance provides you with all the documentation to guide you and easily adapt this model by yourself.