Weighted Average Lease Term (or Expiry), is a metric used to measure a property portfolio's risk of going vacant. It is measured in years, and is more commonly referred to by its abbreviation, WALT (or WALE). WALT is measured across all tenants' remaining leaes in years and is weighted with either the tenants' occupied area or the tenants' income against the total combined area or income of the other tenants.

In ARGUS Taliance, WALT can be measured monthly for any level of the investment structure (property, SPV, holding, fund, portfolio...) and at any point in time, especially in the future to estimate the evolution of the risk.


By importing this file, the WALT calculation can be measured monthly for any levels of the investment structure (property, SPV, holding, fund, portfolio...)

ARGUS Taliance is a forecasting tool by using it you will be able to estimate the evolution of the risk in the future.

Audit all your data and formulas. Use a secure environment for your calculation.

ARGUS Taliance provides you with all the documentation to guide you and easily adapt this model by yourself.