Loans are often used in business or organizations linked with a company or an organization or dedicated to an asset (example for building, a real estate asset, crops).
They follow many rules of repayment. Interest can be either fix or based on a floating rate.
Over the life cycle of the loan, the interest can be recalculated with adjustments (early payments) or not with straight-line re-payment.

Despite of all these variations and fluctuations,  ARGUS Taliance allows you to see graphically a loan.


By downloading this model, you can easily design different financial model of Loan. From the simplest for a usual company to the most complex in the alternative investment industry, using an SPV.

You have the flexibility to adapt formulas according to your needs. You can integrate your data from ARGUS Taliance (asset or financial structure modeling) or directly from third-party information

To provide you service adapted to your needs, we propose 2 preconfigured models of loans: Fixed vanilla loan and floating vanilla loan with hedge.

ARGUS Taliance makes available to you all the documentation to make easier and by yourself the implementation of this model.