Your activity is international, you manage a portfolio composed of worldwide entities or simply your company owns foreign subsidiaries, you will need to use several currencies.

This preconfigured model helps you to use a pivot currency which defines the currency against which all others are traded. Today, the best way to manage currency exchange rate in ARGUS Taliance is to use a pivot Currency.
In other words, if your pivot currency is Euro 'EUR', it means :

  • In the 'EUR' attribute, you store the exchange rate EUR/EUR
  • In the 'USD' attribute, you store the exchange rate USD/EUR


By downloading this model, you will be able to manage currency exchange rate in Designer.

Configure a value list with all the currencies you must manage. Easily adds or delete one.

Insert appropriate conversion rates. These rates will be automatically applied to all your modeling on ARGUS Taliance.

Adapt the formulas of your own attributes with the ready-to-use formulas we provide.

ARGUS Taliance provides you with all the documentation to guide you and easily adapt this model by yourself.