Real estate paper refers to all real estate-based investment products. Instead of acquiring physical real estate, investors purchase shares in French real estate investment trusts (sociétés civiles de placement immobilier – SCPIs) or in French real estate collective investment undertakings (organismes de placement collectif immobilier – OPCIs), which in turn invest, either directly or indirectly, in a diversified range of rental property assets: offices, commercial premises, residential buildings, etc.

The management of these assets is carried out by a real estate professional (management company) that decides on property acquisitions and sales while limiting the risks relating to vacant properties. ARGUS Taliance allows you to easily monitor this kind of real estate fund by importing data from accounting, asset management teams, etc. You can also forecast the future subscriptions and distributable results.


By downloading this model, you can easily design and model different Real Estate Investment Funds, especially SCPI and OPCI structures:

Benefit from a complete set of calculations and reports included.

Easily performs acquisition or sell analysis within the platform by seeing the impact at the fund level and comparing your different assumptions.

ARGUS Taliance provides you all the documentation to make easier and by yourself the implementation of this model.